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Bid Depository Envelope Guide


The following is contained INSIDE the Large envelope:


1. One small envelope addressed to each Contractor containing your bid.

  On the front of the envelope:

  • Fill in your Company Name and the Project Name;

  • Check Contractor Copy, and fill in the Name of the Contractor you are bidding to.


2. One small envelope for the Bid Depository Authority Branch (determined by the boundary zone map) containing a copy of the bids made to each Contractor. If your bids are all the same, you may enclose only one copy of your bid.
  On the front of the envelopes:

  • Fill in your Company Name and the Project Name;

  • Check SBDI Copy, and list all the Names of the Contractors you bid to.


For the Large Envelope:

1. On the front of the envelope:

  • Fill in the Project Name, your Company Name, the Project Contact Person and their Phone Number (for inquires)

  • Check Sub to General or Sub to Mechanical (whichever applies);

  • Under SBDI Trade Scopes list the trade scopes you are bidding (NOT THE SPEC SECTIONS);

2. Complete the declaration form accompanying the large white envelope and place inside the small white declaration form envelope attached to the front of the large white envelope. If security is required, staple it to the back of the declaration form. Check Declaration Form & Security once you have them enclosed.

3. If dropping off at a location other than the Bid Depository Authority branch, affix another small envelope addressed to the Bid Depository containing all of your bids to protect yourself in the event the bids are lost in transit to the Authority Branch.



  • Bid bonds must be made out for an additional fifteen days past the acceptance period as set out in the specifications (as per the Declaration Form, item 2).

  • The Bid Depository DOES NOT OPEN BID ENVELOPES unless a rule is exercised that warrants this occur.

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